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    About Us

    DEFGLIS is an association that supports and represents Australian Defence Force LGBTI personnel and their families.

    Objectives - Values - Constitution


    To support and represent Australian Defence LGBTI personnel and their families


    We facilitate professional networking opportunities to create a strong supportive community that can provide peer-support to one another.


    We help to strengthen Defence capability through initiatives that foster inclusion of LGBTI personnel.


    We provide subject matter expert advice to the services and the department, new and education about LGBTI matters to the Defence community.


    A Defence culture that is fair and inclusive that strongly values the contributions of its diverse workforce.

    Defence personnel who are well supported throughout sexual orientation and gender identity development.

    A strong Defence LBGTI community with resilient members who support one another.


    Our strategy is focussed on identifying and delivering benefits to meet the diverse needs of our membership base and the Defence organisation and community.

    Lesbian and Bisexual Women Gay and Bisexual Men Transgender and Intersex Personnel Family and Community


    We have four core values that express what we stand for and are core to all of our initiatives. They guide how we work together, and shape our decisions and actions. Our values are consistent with Australian Defence Force, Australian Public Service and single service values.



    We are a registered charity, first founded in 2002. We are a volunteer led and volunteer operated incorporated association with strong connections with the Australian Defence Force. We believe that greater inclusion and respect enables greater delivery of Defence outcomes. Our association is non-political in nature and we do not endorse or make donations to any political party. 

    Our History

    We are very proud of the history of LGBTI service, people and organisations that pre-dated DEFGLIS that sought to enhance respect and inclusion for LGBTI personnel in Defence.

    Our constitution

    Our constitution is available online.