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Bonnie Doyle, Events Director

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Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Category: Air Intelligence Analyst – Geospatial Intelligence
Location: Canberra, ACT

Leading Aircraftwoman Bonnie Doyle enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in 2011 as an Air Intelligence Analyst specialising in Geospatial Intelligence. After Initial Employment Training, Bonnie was posted to No. 87 Squadron Target Flight at RAAF Base Edinburgh. In 2013, Bonnie was deployed for six months as apart of Transit Security Element on Operation RESOLUTE, working mostly with Navy and Army. In 2016, Bonnie was again deployed for six months to the Combined Air Operations Centre in Qatar as a Collateral Damage Estimation Analyst, a Target Team Analyst and Battle Damage Assessment Analyst. In 2017, she was posted to 81 Tactical Intelligence Flight at RAAF Base Williamtown supporting F/A-18A. Early in 2019, Bonnie represented Australian Defence Force in skiing, racing in Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Combined and Downhill against the British Armed Forces in Austria and France. Bonnie also had the opportunity to work for a brief stint at Air Warfare School writing part of the Australian Targeting Operations Course. Bonnie moved to Canberra in 2019 to assist in event planning at the Directorate of Air Force Events, has recently posted to Maritime Border Command and is currently studying a Bachelor of Communications.

Bonnie has always been involved in the LGBTI community. She is currently a Role Model at StartOut Australia – a charity where diverse sexuality and gender youth, particularly from isolated and rural areas are matched with a mentor. She is well known for her epic rainbow cakes on IDAHOBIT. Bonnie has assisted in the organisation of the Serving in Silence exhibition occurring in Newcastle in August 2019.  Outside of the LGBTI community she also volunteers weekly at the homeless café and enjoys skiing and mountain bike riding. Prior to joining Defence, Bonnie owned a dog grooming business and was a wine expert. Dogs and wine are still of interest to her now.

Bonnie has been an active member of DEFGLIS since 2012 and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2018. Prior to that she was a DEFGLIS area representative. 

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