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30 Aug - Wear it Purple Day

This year, Defence along with many other organisations will mark the occasion of "Wear it Purple" Day.

Wear it Purple seeks to raise awareness about the issues faced by LGBTI young people and the need to eradicate bullying based on sexuality and gender diversity. Bullying, humiliation and isolation may bear similar results to depression: withdrawal, diminished self-worth and feelings of shame and hopelessness. 

These are the products of the discriminatory environment to which young people may be subject, not their sexuality or gender identity itself. For these young people, sometimes the only alternative to suffering abuse and humiliation is thought to be self-harm or suicide. LGBTI young people are at least six times more at risk of suicide than their heterosexual peers.

This can be stopped. These precious young people deserve respect, love and support.

Research says that 80% of LGBTI young people experience the worse homophobic bullying (verbal and physical) at school. Wear it Purple aims to empower and support schools to enhance their inclusivity and harness supportive environments within which all students can belong; one means through which this can be achieved, is through celebrating Wear it Purple Day.

More Info: http://wearitpurple.org/

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