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Air Force releases LGB diversity guides

Air Force recently released a guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual service men and women and a commander's guide as part of a series of guides aimed at promoting workplace diversity and inclusion.  A guide to gender transition in the workplace is also due to be released shortly.

Guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual members

Commanders guide

"This guide has been designed to assist members, supervisors and Commanders to create more inclusive workplaces and culture for lesbian, gay and bisexual members. It is just one of the many initiatives being developed for LGB members in Air Force. This guide has been developed by Air Force Workforce Diversity staff, in close consultation with members from Air Force’s LGB community. All of the quotes in this guide are from currently serving Air Force members," said Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown AO.

"Our ability to deliver capability in the future will depend on our ability to attract, recruit and retain the very best personnel from every part of the Australian community. I am committed to ensuring that Air Force continues to develop innovative strategies to confirm our place as an employer of choice for all Australians, because our future success as an Air Force depends on it."

DEFGLIS Chairman Vince Chong said "I hope that these handbooks help to foster a work environment where same-sex attracted personnel don't feel they need to suppress their sexual orientation to be accepted and included.”

Air Force Workplace Diversity AFWD have already released the ‘Working Parent’s Toolkit’ and ‘Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers in Air Force’ earlier this year. Other soon-to-be released handbooks seek to provide support and advice to Indigenous members, Single members, single and non-custodial parents, and Transgender personnel, members from culturally diverse backgrounds and personnel working in non-traditional employment areas (both men and women). There are also plans to develop a handbook aimed towards older members who may be nearing retirement.

Links to Guides

Guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual members

Commanders guide
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Author: Vince Chong
Vince is the President of DEFGLIS. He is a project manager and an electronics engineer.
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