Christmas Message 2017

2017 12 10 BlueChristmas

I would like to thank the board members who retired at the Annual General Meeting earlier this month. In particular, we recognise the experience and insights that Stuart Martin and Joe Monteith brought to DEFGLIS from their experience from serving on other boards, and Ellen Zyla for representing junior members, her leadership of the women's network and an exceptional job as a Master of Ceremony for the Military Pride Ball. I also thank Nigel Harrington for his service to the board before stepping aside due to work commitments.

I would like to welcome James Smith and Sarah-Jayne Harding back to the board and extend a warm welcome to our newest board members Nathan White and Jay Crutch. The remaining board positions will be co-opted or appointed by the elected board early in the new year to ensure that we achieve diversity and the necessary skills and experience to function.

This year has been an incredible year for DEFGLIS as we continue to grow and mature as an organisation. I thank all of our volunteers who put in an incredible effort throughout the year to support our members and those in need. There's a lot of work that happens in the background which isn't always visible - but it is incredibly important to ensure that the community is supported and represented for Defence to achieve its vision of inclusive and respectful culture. I also appreciate the significant interest we have had to join the new committees that will be established in the new year for our flagship events, policy, and communications.

On behalf of the board, I wish you all the best for the holiday season. Please be safe on the roads, look after your mates - especially when consuming alcohol, and remember that should you require any assistance, Defence has 24/7 helplines that are available to support you and your families.

A shout out to our many brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen serving bravely overseas in faraway locations.Our thoughts are with you this Christmas and we look forward to seeing you home soon.

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

About the Author
Author: Vince Chong
Vince is the President of DEFGLIS. He is a project manager and an electronics engineer.
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