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DEFGLIS Awards for Excellence Open for Nominations

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The DEFGLIS Awards for Excellence showcase the outstanding efforts made by individuals and groups that enhance the lives of the Defence diverse sexuality, sex and gender (DSSG) community whilst upholding the values of DEFGLIS. 

This year's Awards for Excellence will be presented at the Military Pride Ball on Saturday 05 October 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney. 

Nominations for the 2019 DEFGLIS Awards for Excellence are now open! Nominees are not required to be members of DEFGLIS and can be individuals or groups. Nominees may self-nominate or be nominated by a member of DEFGLIS, the ADF or Defence Department. Nominations close at 5pm Thursday 19 September 2019.

Nominations will be considered by the Awards Committee, consisting of Board and DEFGLIS members, to determine the overall winners.

The following awards will be presented:

President's Award for Excellence
For outstanding achievement delivering excellence by supporting, strengthening and educating the Australian Defence Force through DSSG inclusion.

This award is DEFGLIS’ highest honour and acknowledgment for any individual or group that has made a substantial contribution to our values and our community. To be awarded this, an individual or group must have shown a sustained and enduring contribution within our community above and beyond what is recognised as the normal call of duty. The awardee/s display qualities and achievements of the highest standing in the opinion of the President and the Board of Directors.  

Excellence in Inclusion Award
For outstanding achievement to promote inclusion within a workplace or organisation.

This award showcases exceptional contributions to the DSSG community, particularly within the area of inclusivity. An individual, group or project must have shown a demonstrable effect on improving DSSG inclusivity within a particular area of the Australian Defence Organisation. Both small contributions and wider organisational changes will be considered.  

Excellence in Innovation Award
For outstanding achievement in innovation, shaping the future of an inclusive Australian Defence Organisation.

This award showcases innovative practices, programs or events that have benefited the DSSG community within the Australian Defence Organisation. The individual or group’s efforts must have shown innovative thinking not seen elsewhere within the ADO and uphold DEFGLIS values. 

Excellence in Wellbeing Award
For outstanding achievement in supporting the wellbeing of DSSG members of the Australian Defence Organisation.

This award showcases practices, programs or events that have assisted in improving the health and wellbeing of the DSSG community within the Australian Defence Organisation. The individual or group’s effort must have shown a clear intent in improving the health and wellbeing of our community and/or demonstrable improvements in health and wellbeing. Day to day activities, whether small or large, of an individual or group that improve wellbeing of the DSSG community will also be considered. 

The DEFGLIS Awards for Excellence are an opportunity to publically acknowledge and recognise members who have made a significant contribution to the Defence DSSG community. Nominations are a simple and quick process through this link.

Image: Recipients of the 2018 DEFGLIS Awards for Excellence. Supplied by DEFGLIS.

07 September 2019 

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