This policy applies to the DEFGLIS Website, Public and Private Facebook Pages

For members and users:

  • Self moderate - Think whether you would be embarrassed by your post a year from now.  Consider whether the tone and level of your remark is appropriate for an all-ranks group that has our partners, friends and members from foreign military services.
  • There is a risk that posts from this group may become public despite our policy of non-attribution. You should keep that risk in mind when posting.
  • The facebook page and discussion forums should have a moderate atmosphere where everyone feels they can contribute to constructive dialogue. Give everyone a fair go.
  • All members should treat each other with dignity and mutual respect when engaging. The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are to apply to how we talk to one another via Facebook.
  • Attack ideas ... not your mates.
  • Be cautious of using generalisations such as "all junior ranks," you may inadvertently offend a significant number of members.
  • Keep discussion threads on topic.  If you have a new idea, make a different post.
  • Refer complaints about anti-social, offensive, or unacceptable behaviour to the board - they don't belong on the public page. You may be temporarily ejected or banned from this page while a complaint is investigated.
  • The DEFGLS Facebook Group is a closed group, which means that non-members can see that you are a member.  You should leave the group if you are concerned about your privacy.  All DEFGLIS information is available via the website or the Public Facebook Page
  • You must only represent your own views with posts on this page.  If you are representing the Department of Defence, or any other organisation, you must explicitly include this information with your post.
  • Access to the DEFGLS Website is only available for members of the DEFGLIS Association, who have agreed to be bound by the Constitution
  • Defence members and employees are reminded that they must comply with Defence Policy regarding Social Media and Unacceptable Behaviour.

For moderators:

  • Moderators must retain a copy of posts prior to deletion and be prepared to explain their decision to the poster.
  • A post or comment may only be deleted if it does not conform to the guidelines above.
  • Posts critical of the ADF and DEFGLIS are permitted, providing they contain constructive criticism and will lead to reasonable debate about the issue.  For example: "This" is bad ... I think "this" should be done about it.


  • Your privacy is not guaranteed if you join the Facebook closed group and members of the public can see the members of the DEFGLIS Facebook closed group. The DEFGLIS board makes best endeavours to ensure that only persons with a Defence connection are invited into this closed group.

General notes and conditions:

  • The facebook page and discussion forums are not available to the general public, which means that your comments are not available to the public, but they are viewable by the membership. You are responsible for your posts. Any post you make could potentially become public, so don't post anything you wouldn't want your mother, boss, or CDF to see.
  • Posts made on the facebook page or discussion forums may not be attributed to the person outside of the membership without their express permission to do so. This guideline does not apply in cases of unacceptable behaviour or for the purposes of a complaint, where posts may be used to resolve or investigate issues that arise.
  • Department of Defence does not have permission to make records of posts within this Facebook group or discussion forums. Department of Defence does not have permission to conduct monitoring without the express permission of the DEFGLIS board. Defence employees that are part of this group must agree to interact with members of this association on a personal basis and not in an official capacity.
  • Members and moderators must agree to adhere to these guidlines. Violation may result in removal from the group.
  • Terms of Use may change at any time without notice.
  • Appeals may be made to the board of DEFGLIS

Access to the DEFGLIS Facebook Page:

  • Membership with the DEFGLIS Facebook Page constitutes agreement to these terms of use, which will be posted to the group no less than once every three months.  Members who do not agree must leave the Facebook group immediately.
  • New members that request access to the DEFGLIS Facebook page will be asked to confirm their connection to Defence before being approved. If a user's privacy setting prevents DEFGLIS from contacting them, their request will be rejected.
  • New members that request access to the DEFGLIS Facebook page will be granted access if they are also registered members of the DEFGLIS Association.
  • The message sent is as follows:
    • Thank you for your request to join DEFGLIS. Could you please advise your Defence connection (current serving member, ex-serving, reserve, family or friend)? How would you like to be introduced to the group (service/civilian, where you are based, what you do, anything else you'd like us to include when we introduce you)?
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