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Army Pride Pin

The Official Australian Army LGBTI Pride Pin released by Army Headquarters.
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The Official Australian Army LGBTI Pride Pin released by Army Headquarters.

On the Army Pride Lapel Pin the colours of the Rainbow Flag proudly surround the Army's Rising Sun. Together these elements are symbolic of Army as an inclusive organisation that respects diversity and supports LGBTI soldiers and officers.

The Army Pride Lapel Pin:

- Celebrates Army's commitment to supporting LGBTI soldiers and officers

- Promotes Army's vision for an inclusive organisation

- Embodies Army's core value of 'Respect'

The Pin is authorised to be worn on uniform in the week preceeding the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade in accordance with the Army Dress Manual para 1.15.


This Pin may be requested at no cost directly from Army Headquarters. DEFGLIS charges a nominal packaging and handling fee in addition to postage for Pride Pins ordered through the DEFGLIS website.

 A maximum of three pins may be ordered per customer. Distribution is only permitted to individuals. Commercial re-sale of the Army Pride Pin is not permitted.

Enquiries about the Pin should be directed to the diversity section within Army Headquarters on 02 6265 1111. 


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