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Heidi Rossendell, Vice President

Service: Royal Australian Navy
Category: Management Executive
Location: Canberra, ACT

Heidi joined the Royal Australian Navy in January 1986, in the inaugural year of the Australian Defence Force Academy. Following the completion of a Bachelor of Science Honours in Oceanography, she commenced Maritime Warfare Officer training and was awarded her Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate on HMAS Adelaide (II) during RIMPAC 1992. She completed a series of postings at sea and ashore prior to transferring to SERCAT 3 in July 2003 to focus on family. 

In 2013, as a reserve member, she joined the Navy Leadership Development Team and in the following years filled the role of Chief of Staff for Navy Leadership and Culture Development. Unexpectedly she was offered Australian Command and Staff College in 2018 and on completion, transferred to SERCAT 7 and was appointed Deputy Director Navy Diversity and Inclusion within the Directorate of Navy Culture.

It was in 2019, Heidi first became aware of DEFGLIS and its mandate to educate, strengthen and support. She engaged with DEFGLIS as much as her position allowed, participating in Mardi Gras in 2019 and 2020, Rainbow Wreath project in 2019 and attending the Pride Ball in 2019. On leaving the role in Navy Diversity and Inclusion, no longer with a conflict of interest, she applied and was appointed to the DEFGLIS Board, subsequently being appointed as Vice President.

“I made a lot of strong strategic connections during my time in Navy Diversity and Inclusion. Couple this with many of my ADFA classmates holding positions of influence in Defence, I hope I can draw on these connections and networks to influence change for the better; removing barrier to inclusion and encouraging and organisational culture where all members thrive.” 

Heidi believes there is a wave of change coming and the road ahead, while still uncertain and rocky, will see significant change in the coming years. As an ally, she is heavily dependent on the community Board members to guide her actions to ensure they align with community needs. “I am very grateful for the patience of the other Board members when I don’t understand or may get things wrong.”

If you have any ideas or questions for Heidi please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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