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Stuart Asquith, Membership Director

Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Category: Chaplain
Location: Brisbane, QLD

Chaplain Stu Asquith is a gay male serving in the Air Force and is passionate about our community. He likes to identify as a Rainbow Chaplain.

He said “being a rainbow chaplain can be a real struggle at times. The support and comfort the DEFGLIS community provides has been priceless to me. It is why I nominated for the board so I can assist to build and grow its important work.”

He is hoping that through his role as a Chaplain and as a DEFGLIS board member to help nurture a healthy and holistic community.

Stu is originally from Melbourne and has been posted up and down the east coast.

He commented on his experience “in these postings I have first hand seen how it can be an isolating experience being from the rainbow community. Our regional networks are so important. I’ll be working hard to see our networks supported whilst trying to build our membership across the country.

In my role as a Chaplain I am often around and about on Defence establishments meeting people. Defence is a very large organisation, being your authentic self can be hard. In my many interactions knowing there are safe spaces that I can find refuge in gives me a lot of confidence to be myself. I hope that we can establish more safe spaces across Defence.”

Stu is looking forward to working with the board and the rest of the community to grow this wonderful capability enhancer.

If you have any ideas or questions for Stu please contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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