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Shake-up at Outserve-SLDN

DEFGLIS has been made aware of a shake-up at its US counterpart, Outserve-SLDN following a failure to 'right-size' the organisation after the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Among the changes will be the appointment of a new executive director and a working board without the large staff base the organisation inherited.

DEFGLIS will continue to maintain a strong relationship and dialogue with Outserve-SLDN and provide advice and support if requested.

Recent developments include the sacking of executive director Alison Robertson, the leaking of a confidential board discussion, and the resignation of founding chair Air Force LT Josh Seefried.

Seefried co-founded Outserve prior to the repeal of DADT, and last year oversaw its merger with the Servicemembers Legal Defence Network. Shortly after, Robertson was appointed as the new executive director.

However, members of the Outserve-SLDN board have informed us that the larger footprint of the combined organisation exceeded its fundraising capacity in a post-DADT environment.

The committee that has been placed in charge of the transition are looking at a significant reshaping, looking at options including the DEFGLIS model of a volunteer working board without the reliance on sustained external donations.

The annual Outserve-SLDN conference will go ahead as planned, however, the Washington DC office will be closed.

Regardless of the financial position of the organisation, the provision of legal services will continue for US Defense LGBTI personnel.

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