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Australian Capital Territory

ACT Health

ACT Health aims to deliver the best possible healthcare and health-related services in Australia, through its public hospitals - Calvary Hospital and Canberra Hospital; Community Health; Mental Health ACT; and Population Health, including the Health Protection Service and Communicable Disease Control.

Web Link: http://www.health.act.gov.au/c/health

AIDS Action Council of the ACT

The AIDS Action Council of the ACT provides services to the ACT community, aimed at eliminating further transmission of HIV and minimising the personal and social impacts of HIV and AIDS.

Web Link: http://www.aidsaction.org.au/content/

Australian Federal Police – Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs)

GLLO Network members participate in a range of activities that contribute to the organisation’s commitment to foster a diverse workforce who can deliver an effective service to the Australian community. The Gay & Lesbian Liaison Officer role has evolved with a shared focus on · assisting the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Australian community; · supporting people in the organisation who may have Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex concerns or issues and · providing advice to managers when dealing with sensitive sexual diversity issues.

Web Link: http://www.afp.gov.au/home.html 

Fuse Magazine

Fuse Magazine - a vibrant and up front magazine - will be Canberra's first and only Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Queer (GLBTQ) Magazine in the ACT. Printed monthly each issue of Fuse magazine offers our readers a broad range of interesting and informative articles and features. Our content covers everything from entertainment to politics, news, fashion and grooming, fitness and health, arts and travel, technology, reviews, pictorials and the social scene. Fuse Magazine is distributed free to nightclubs and bars, cafes, book and record stores, arts venues, education centres, libraries and selected business throughout Canberra and surrounding areas.

Web Link: http://www.fusemagazine.com.au/

A Gender Agenda

The A Gender Agenda website is intended to be a community hub, and informational resource for transgender, intersex, genderqueer and other gender variant people and their supporters. Our organisation intends to provide information and support for individuals, families, government bodies and other institutions.

Web Link: http://www.genderrights.org.au/index.php/home

Health Direct Australia

Healthdirect Australia is a 24-hour telephone health advice line staffed by Registered Nurses to provide expert health advice. It is currently available to residents of the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia. healthdirect will be made progressively available to residents of New South Wales and Tasmania. healthdirect is scheduled to be a fully national service by 2011.

Web Link: http://www.healthdirect.org.au/

PLWHA – People Living With HIV/AIDS ACT

We are part of a world wide movement to empower and support people living with HIV/AIDS and their partners, friends and families to live full, creative and meaningful lives free from fear, ignorance and prejudice.

Web Link: http://www.aidsaction.org.au/content/plwha/

Qnet - Canberra's queer youth cyberspace

Qnet is an online community for gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered and intersex people under the age of 25. It's also a place for their friends, family, teachers, supporters and peers to offer support, get information and make new contacts.

Web Link: http://www.qnet.org.au/

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