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Staying connected for mental health


The Australian Defence Force focussed its attention on the importance of mental health with a launch event at Russell Offices in Canberra and video messages for troops currently deployed and supporting operations back home.

Co-inciding with World Mental Health Day by Vice-Chief of Defence Force Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs officially launched the Australian Defence Force Mental Health Day 2014.

The theme this year is 'Staying Connected', focussing on the importance of building and maintaining social connections, because it has a positive impact on mental health. View the video here.

The Australian Defenece Force is encouraging personnel to strengthen connections with family, friends, work colleagues and the community.

"Good, positive social relationships can help build your resilience and provide important support networks for you and your family during challenging times," said Chief of Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin in a video message to his troops.

During October a range of activities in support of ADF Mental Health Day will be conducted across Australia.

"Regardless of our future operational commitments, I want you to know we remain deeply committed to caring for those who have returned from deployment with physical or emotional scars," said Binskin.

"We all have a responsibility to ask 'Are you okay?' when we see someone who might be doing it tough."

Mental Health, Psychology and Rehabilitation Branch staff from Joint Health Command also attended the event at Russell Offices to respond to any mental health related questions from personnel.

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