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New Year, New President

190131 Nathan White President

The DEFGLIS board has elected Nathan White to become president and lead important support for LGBTI members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

White was joined by four new members of the board who are energised with new ideas to progress the association.

“There are enormous opportunities that lie before us – our organisation is in a great position to seize these and deliver great outcomes for our members," said White.

"There is a real sense of energy and excitement in the organisation right now, as we go through the renewal process.”

The new president and board have proposed a new strategy for 2019, building on the current services of support, events, education and policy advice.

The board also appointed Vice-President Joseph Monteith, and new directors to fill board vacancies to ensure the board has the necessary balance of skills and knowledge to be highly effective and remain diverse. Newly appointed directors include Prudence Hawkins-Griffiths, Donald Robertson and Andrew Maskell.

“These members add strength and experience to DEFGLIS when we are carving out a strong, sustainable future for the association,” said White.

To ensure the organisation is prepared to support members into the future, the board agreed to develop and publish a strategic plan to guide the organisation for the next three years.

The board also acted on feedback from the membership base and appointed new roles for board members. Connor Haas was appointed as Communications Director, Luke Headley and Sarah-Jane Harding were appointed Policy and Education Directors, and the board agreed to create a role for a National Events Director.

The full-list of office bearers and board members:

President: Nathan White

Vice-President: Joe Monteith

Secretary: James Smith

Treasurer: Donald Robertson

Communications Director: Connor Haas

Policy and Education Directors: Donna Harding and Luke Headley

Ordinary members: Andrew Maskell, Bonnie Doyle, Karen Dwyer and Prudence Hawkins-Griffiths

To find out more about DEFGLIS, visit our website