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New year, new board

2020 Board

The DEFGLIS Board of Directors have met to appoint office-bearers and commenced business planning for 2020.

The first meeting of the new year involved the induction of new faces, appointment of office-bearers, and planning for a productive and exciting year delivering the objectives of the DEFGLIS Association.

Following the 2019 AGM, the DEFGLIS membership elected new directors, and returned familiar faces to the Board. Racheal Cosgrove-White and Riley Bradford were among the newly elected directors. 

“I’m most looking forward to setting achievable goals for the year and future, as well as empowering others to be proud to be a part of the serving and ally LGBTIQ community,” said Cosgrove-White.

DEFGLIS members made history by electing the first non-binary board director. Riley Bradford has joined the DEFGLIS Board after a successful year at the Royal Military College at Duntroon. Bradford was particularly proud to be trusted as the Gender Diverse representative.

“As one of the marginalised groups within the DSSG community, it is really important to me that the needs of transgender and gender diverse members are proactively considered by DEFGLIS,” said Bradford.

The newly formed board valued stability when electing the office-bearers. Nathan White was returned as the President of the Association, and Joe Monteith was elected as Vice President. 

“It’s an honour to be trusted to deliver on the important objectives of the association,” said White, who is commencing his second year as President. “We have big plans for 2020 that will see the association surge forward in the way it delivers support and educates the ADF about the importance of inclusion.”

Don Robertson was identified to fill the Treasurer position after his significant work reviewing and implementing new financial systems for the association. His work resulted in more efficient financial systems, allowing the board to improve financial decision making in order to better support DEFGLIS members.

Jordan den Dulk was elected to the Board to provide legal specialist expertise. Den Dulk was subsequently appointed to the Secretary position, and described it as a privilege. 

“In my role as a legal officer, I have long been an advocate of fairness and inclusion. Accordingly, I very much look forward to the opportunity of being directly involved in the education and support to the ADF through the inclusion of the DSSG community.” said den Dulk.

Bonnie Doyle was re-elected as a board member, and will bring event planning experience to the DEFGLIS Events Director position. Luke Headley was re-appointed to the Policy Director position through his extensive experience in personnel capability and policy. Cosgrove White has taken on the position as Education Director.

During the meeting, the President highlighted the need for continued growth and work in education. 

“Many of our members have well established peer-support networks. Whilst we need to continue to offer peer-support through our network, our next challenge is providing professional development and valuable networking opportunities.” said White.

“I look forward to seeing where we can take the association in this domain.” 

Other plans for 2020 include a benchmark survey of inclusion for members of diverse sex, sexuality and gender. The results of the survey are intended to inform a new DEFGLIS strategic plan.

Click here to see the members of the DEFGLIS Board of Directors and read their biographies. Newly inducted Board members will be added soon.

If you have any suggestions for how the Board can support the community, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Images by Ann-Marie Calihanna for DEFGLIS

29 January 2019