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Defence Family Focus in September 2012

Reunion travel returns for single members over the age of 21, the Defence Family Survey launches, and Defence Families Australia look for a new Canberra-based communications officer.

Chief of Defence Force General David Hurley said "the Federal Government has reinstated recreational leave travel for ADF members without dependents," thus ending cost-saving measures that were introduced by the Department on 1 July 2012 that removed this benefit for members over the age of 21.

The cost-saving measure would was projected to yield a $15 Million saving.  Former army officer Stuart told News Limited ''22,000 defence personnel will breathe a great sigh of relief today as they will be able to travel home at Christmas to see their families and loved ones." 

Defence Community Organisation launched its Defence Family Survey this month to gather information about how the pressures of service life affect Defence families.

During the launch, Patron of Defence Community Organisation Mrs Linda Hurley urged partners of Defence people to participate, saying "Defence families share a common bond but our experiences are unique to us because as people we are all unique.

"The Defence way of life impacts on all of us in different ways. The way that we, the partners and families, feel about these impacts is very important because it affects the serving member in the ADF. A family’s attitude to moving and change whether positive or negative will impact on the serving member."

Also working to support Defence families is Defence Families of Australia (DFA) who are seeking Canberra based members or family members with Communication skills.  DFA is a volunteer-run organisation, however the National Communications Officer gets paid for overseeing the website, Facebook, sending newsletters and writing articles in Defence Community publications.

The commitment is one day a week, two week-long training and conference events each year.  For more information, please visit www.dfa.org.au/volunteering-dfa/ to read more and email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Author: Vince Chong
Vince is the President of DEFGLIS. He is a project manager and an electronics engineer.
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