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DEFGLIS is incorporating

After almost two years working at getting our constitution developed and working out how to incorporate DEFGLIS, we're finally ready to hit the go button! We invite all our current members and subscribers to register and create the formal incorporated association by passing a Special Resolution. Members who sign up between now and 26 March 2014 will be recognised as the Foundation membersof our association. After we incorporate, we'll vote in the new board from the nominations we received last year. Register online here.

If you don't want to become a member, you're very welcome to remain as a subscriber and come to our professional networking events. However, you won't get a vote in important decisions like board elections, you won't have member access to the website and you won't be eligible for any special benefits that we may provide for registered members only.

DEFGLIS needs to incorporate to protect its assets, make it easier to receive funding, and empower the board to act on the will of the membership. The constitution sets the rules around how decisions will be made, who can join, and how the board must behave. We had two separate opportunities for members to contribute to development of the constitution during 2013.
The key highlights of the constitution are as follows:

  • Membership. Membership is available to: current, reserve and ex-service personnel; current and past employees of the Defence Australian Public Services and contractors to Defence; family members of the above; and associates (friends) of the above.
  • Not For Profit. We will operate on a not-for-profit basis, such that no member should be able to directly or indirectly benefit financially from their participation in DEFGLIS. We may cover legitimate costs such as travel or reimbursements for directed activities
  • Membership Fee. We have set no annual membership fee, but this will be reviewed annually in July each year.
  • Board. There are nine permanent board positions.
    • Either the President or Vice-President must be a senior uniformed member E6 or above for OR, O3 or above for Officers.
    • The board may invite three suitable people with specialist skillsets (eg legal, accounting, communications, or policy development) to temporarily be part of the board for up to 24 months.
    • The board may appoint people to fill casual vacancies that arise until the next election
  • Elections. The board is elected on a four-year basis, with half the board positions up for election every two years. We will only ask you to vote every two years.
  • Decision Making. At least five board members must be present to make quorum for decisions at board meetings.
  • Constitutional Amendments. To change this constitution, we need to hold a Special General Meeting with 28 days notice with at least 75 percent of the members present.
  • Limited Liability. You are only financially limited to the amount of your annual fee that is outstanding if DEFGLIS becomes insolvent. This protects you if we can’t pay our debts.
  • Financial Governance. Two board members must authorize withdrawals from the DEFGLIS account.
  • Public Access to the Register of members.DEFGLIS has determined that it will suppress full names, unless the board agrees otherwise, or is required by statute or court order.
  • Wind up. If DEFGLIS is to be wound up, any assets must be transferred to another not-for-profit with similar purpose.

If you want to know about:

  • The object, mission and vision of DEFGLIS is in paragraph 1
  • Membership conditions (eligibility, resignation, register, fees) read paragraphs 2 – 12
  • The board, (powers, composition, election, duties, vacancies) read paragraphs 13 – 22
  • General Meeting procedures (calling for, notice, quorum, voting), read paragraphs 23 – 34
  • Miscellaneous (insurance, banking, books), read paragraphs 35 – 44
  • Application forms and Proxy voting forms – read the appendices

What’s not in the constitution

  • Our strategic goals, values and procedures for how we consult to gain input with the membership as these may change from time to time. We will publish the operating guidelines, goals and values statements separately.
About the Author
Author: Vince Chong
Vince is the President of DEFGLIS. He is a project manager and an electronics engineer.
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