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New Board Nominees 2014

DEFGLIS currently has four vacant positions on the interim board. We are very proud to have nine nominations for the positions and such talent to draw from within the organisation. View the biographies of James Bonello, Jordan Box, Mat De Wacht, Donna Harding, Catherine Humphries, Brandon King, Jen Macklin, Joe McCullagh, Luke Pitty, Greg Ramsay by clicking "Continue Reading".

James Bonello

James Bonello is a Combat Medical Attendant Corporal in the Australian Army Active Reserve. As a Combat Medic, James has recent overseas deployment experience including periods of full time service.  He is a Registered Nurse with diverse interests in military health, critical care, health promotion, public policy, education, and research. His clinical practice includes current work in emergency and disaster nursing, as well as specialising in Sexual Health with SHine SA. He has a strong involvement with LGBTI community health and advocacy, working specifically with gay men, youth and other communities of interest as a Sexual Health Nurse and promoting acceptance in the Defence community. James is also a Defence Equity Advisor.

James won the title of national Graduate Nurse of the Year 2010 in the HESTA Australian Nursing Awards, and has served as one of only two nursing representatives on the Interim Council of Future Health Leaders auspiced by Council of Australian Governments in 2011. His executive positions and governance experience involves being a co-founder and inaugural national Chair of the New Generation of Nurses Faculty within the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, also holding leadership posts with the Disaster Health Faculty and South Australian State Chapter Committee.

Jordan Box

My involvement in Defence began in 2003 with Cadets in which I attained the rank of sergeant, was qualified to CUO and was shortlisted for the position of NSW Cadet RSM. In 2007 my employment with the World Youth Day Organising Committee had me interacting closely with organisers of Operation Testament and was also a Youth Representative to the NSW Defence Reserve Support Council until 2010. I have been a member of AUR since 2013. In 2006 I became an instructor of cadets in a St John Ambulance Cadet division, which involved instructing leadership and development courses, and co-writing a national curriculum. In 2009 I was promoted to Grade VI officer and appointed to State Staff. I was deployed to Alexandra, Victoria from February to March 2009 as a post commander during the Black Saturday bushfires.

Since 2007 I have also been involved in Freemasonry and currently hold office in my lodge and my royal arch chapter. I am in my second year of a Bachelor of Medical Science at Flinders University, majoring in Neuroscience. At university I am treasurer of the Flinders University Lacrosse Club, Policy Vice-President of the Flinders University Liberals Club, and Indigenous Student Officer on the Flinders University Student Association, as well as being student representative to the Faculty of Health Sciences Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Mat De Wacht

Mat joined the Air Force in 2002 as a Cook. His time in the Air Force has been extremely busy, notably marked by deployments and countless exercises.  He was posted initially to RAAF Base Richmond, followed by a second posting RAAF Williamtown in Newcastle. Originally from Melbourne, he]has been with his partner Jimmy for 2 years.

In 2013, in cooperation with his current unit, he has been instrumental in the implementation of an LGBTI ally committee. The committee at Williamtown consists of all ranks between AC right through to GPCAPT. Meeting once a month on average, the Ally committee discusses LGBTI issues that have occurred in workplaces, and also provides the opportunity for personnel to ask questions that they most likely would not have sought answers for in the past.

Donna Harding

Donna Harding is a Major in the Australian Army RAANC corps.  She joined the Australian Army Reserves in 2000, transferring to the Regular Army in October 2004. Donna is a transgender female who is currently transitioning in Defence.

Donna has a lot of experience establishing and working in community organisations and participating in continuing operations of those organisations. Donna is currently developing a Standards of Care for members transitioning in Defence, and is assisting with the provision of expert advice to assist in policy decisions.  

Catherine Humphries 

Catherine Humphries is an Air Force Ground Defence Officer and a Squadron Leader in the RAAF. As a transgender officer, Catherine is committed to improving education and assistance to all members of Defence in an effort to reduce the phobias and myths that persist about gender identity and expression.  In this way she also hopes to significantly lessen the fear that transgender and gender-questioning members may feel which can prevent them from becoming a fully effective member of the ADF team.

She joined the RAAF in 1997 and was initially trained by the Australian Army at Royal Military College – Duntroon. Following graduation she commenced duty as a Rifle Flight commander in the Northern Territory at RAAF Base Tindal. During her career she has had postings to a number of bases and counts as highlights her time as Chief Instructor of the Combat Survival Training School and also as Chief Instructor of No 1 Recruit Training Unit. Catherine deployed to Timor Leste as part of 383ECSS in 2000. More recently she deployed to Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan as the Force Protection Plans and Influence Officer where she worked closely with coalition countries in a NATO headquarters. She was awarded a commendation from the USAF Airfield Commander for her work in protecting the airfield whilst also supporting the local community. Catherine is currently posted to RAAF Amberley as a Force Protection planner.

Brandon King

Best known for writing the occasional snappy ministerial, policy document, Brandon has a strong knowledge of Defence policies and reform effort. His background is in governance and investigations, which included making sure charities stay above board (no pun intended). Brandon organised and co-ordinated the DEFGLIS Ski Trip in 2013 and can talk at public functions until the cows come home.

In his professional life, he has held numerous positions within the Australian Public Service for the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission, the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission, AusAID, and Department of Defence. Brandon is currently an Army reserve member working within signals, and has served as a Police Officer with Queensland Police.

Jen Macklin

Jen is a human resource management specialist with over 20 years experience in the private and government sectors. She has tertiary qualifications in Political Science, Adult Education, HR Management and Strategic Affairs (Defence Studies). A recent (Jan 2013) lateral recruit into the permanent Navy, Jen was tasked with establishing the Diversity and Inclusion Office for Navy.

Jen has experience in the Sydney LGBTI community as a volunteer, parade committee member and board member on Sydney Mardi Gras. She has held a board position on Balmain Cricket Club (NSW) and was social committee member on the Russell Officers Mess Farewell Ball (2012). Currently, Jen also served as the Navy representative on the Defence Reserve Support Council (ACT) in 2012.

Joe McCullagh

Joe McCullagh has been a member of the Royal Australian Navy since January 2009. Since this time he has completed officer training at the Royal Australian Naval College (RANC) at HMAS Creswell. Following this training he had the great opportunity to go to sea on various ships including HMAS Success, and HMAS Ballarat for familiarisation. In 2010 he began university and military studies at the Australian Defence Force Academy, the focus of which being a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Having now completed the military training continuum at ADFA Joe is conducting his final year of studies to complete his academic training. For 2013 Joseph has decided to collaborate with industry and Defence research to help develop a Smart Valve capable of improving survivability of Naval platforms. 

Luke Pitty

Luke is a Dental Officer with 1EHS RAAF Amberley.  Graduating from the University of Queensland, he completed his undergraduate program in 2012.   He has research experience in a laboratory setting investigating oral cancer.  Currently, he is completing a Bachelor of Business Management at UQ.  Recently completing his Initial Officer Training at the Officer Training School at RAAF East Sale, he was awarded the Leadership and Military Qualities Award.

Luke is currently engaged in various capacities with different Rotary groups.  He has worked in the roles of community director and vice president of two different clubs providing local community support and international aid to various rotary projects. Now, Luke is eager to devote more time to his LGBTI community and particularly would like to be involved in DEFGLIS as a relatively new defence member.

Greg Ramsay

Greg has a Technical IT background working on a variety of Defence IT Systems including the role of DBA on NPEMS the old Navy Personnel System during the Y2K changeover. He was manager of the DEFWEB for a number of years before moving into IT Project Management (where he started building systems instead of just running them).  Currently filling in as the XO to a two star officer has provided him a very different perspective on the work of CIOG does and how.

He was heavily involved in local LGBTI community events in Canberra over a number of years including setting up the "Bent Lenses" film group with funding sourced from Film Australia and taking on the role of inaugural President for four years until established.  He ran the "Hot Pink Shorts" short film competition as a part of the "Spring Out" festival (the Canberra Queer version of Tropfest).  Greg is a radio announcer on "Q Radio" LGBTI Community Radio in Canberra, "2XXFM 98.3 on your FM dial" (said that a few thousand times over the years). Always having a strong interest in Film and Television, he undertook a Communications Degree at UCAN in Media and Multimedia with a major in TV Production focusing on Convergence Technologies while managing the DEFWEB.  He worked Part Time on weekends as the Head Projectionist at the ANU and a committee member of the ANU Film Group for a number of years.  Greg is currently completing a Masters in Project Management at ADFA. 

About the Author
Author: Vince Chong
Vince is the President of DEFGLIS. He is a project manager and an electronics engineer.
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