DEFGLIS Board Application

Please complete this survey on a PC or Mac. Please do not use a mobile device.

If you would like to self-nominate for the DEFGLIS board, please complete this survey. You also need to be a member of DEFGLIS before nominating. If you are not yet a member, you can apply for membership online.

Information that you provide will be made available to members for the purposes of elections, with the exception of questions that state information will not be made public.

There are three (3) vacancies available.

One position represents the diversity of our membership base, and will be filled by a gay or bisexual male. 

The transgender, gay/bisexual female, and opposite-sex attracted positions are currently in their mid-term cycle, and will be available in future in accordance with our constitution. 

Any member can fill the remaining two vacancies.

We strongly recommend that you save your responses in a word document in the unfortunate event of a website error when you try to save. Before you commence, you may wish to draft the following:

- A description of how you feel you can contribute to the DEFGLIS board and what objectives would you like to help DEFGLIS achieve as a director? 
- A short biography for members to read (maximum of two paragraphs)

The survey will time out after approximately 15 minutes of activity - so please click the "Resume Later" button after you begin to complete the survey to ensure that your responses are saved. A resume link will be sent to your e-mail address.

Please do not complete this survey on the Defence Protected Network - users have reported problems with completing this survey using Internet Explorer 11. We recommend you use Google Chrome instead.

There are 18 questions in this survey.