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US fights for gay rights abroad

The United States President Barack Obama has ordered that all agencies abroad promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons according to the ABC.

During an speech to the United Nations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed $3 million to start a Global Equality Fund that would support civil society organizations working for LGBT rights worldwide.

"Being gay is not a Western invention.  It is a human reality," said Clinton.

Clinton went on to say the LGBT people were "arrested, beaten, terrorized — even executed."

The US action came amid rising international attention on discrimination against LGBT citizens. Although no countries were named, the announcement follows the recent passage of a anti-gay laws in Nigeria where people could face a 14-years prison sentence for anybody to go to a gay bar, to work for or be involved with LGBT organizations, or to be in an openly gay relationship according to the Huffington Post.

Read more in the ABC.

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Author: Vince Chong
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